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Name: NISSAN TD27,H20 Engine Parts
Forklift Parts China
Nissan TD27,H20 Engine Parts
10101-FY52K Repair Kit, Engine Overhaul
N-11044-FU400 Gasket, Cylinder Head
N-12010-FU422 Piston
N-12033-4E110 Piston Ring Set
N-12231-FY500 Bearing Set, Crankshaft
N-12111-FY500 Bearing, Connecting Rod
N-13002-71200 Bearing Set, Camshaft
N-12201-FU400 Crankshaft 
N-13001-50K00 Camshaft
N-12279-FF200 Oil Seal, Rear Cran.
N-13510-FF200 Oil Seal, Front Cran.
13201-FY500 Intake Valve
13202-FU400 Exhaust Valve
N-13207-53F00 Valve Seal
  Valve Guide
11099-FY500 Seat, Intake Valve
11098-FY500 Seat, Exhaust Valve
N-25240-89911 Oil Pressure Switch
N-23300-FU410 Starter
N-23100-FU410 Alternator
16010-FU400 Carburetor
N-22100-FU410 Distributor 
N-22162-55K10 Cap, Distributor
N-22157-55K15 Rotor Head
N-22440-FU410 Ignition Wire Set
N-13070-50K00 Tensioner, Chain
12351-FU400 Sprocket, Crankshaft 
13021-FY500  Sprocket, Crankshaft T
13024-FY500  Sprocket, Camshaft 
30B-13-11110 Torque Converter
3EB-10-41220 Clutch Disc
91B61-00112 Air Filter
15208-01B02 Oil Filter 
134A7-10301 Hydraulic Pump
1CN57-10301 Hydraulic Pump
69101-FK120 Hydraulic Pump
22B57-62001 Hose, Hyd Suction 
N-21010-FU425 Water Pump
N-21060-FU410 Fan Blade
236L2-10102 Radiator
22B52-12001 Hose, Upper
22B52-12011 Hose, Lower
3EB-04-51120 Hose, Upper
234B7-82111 Hose, Transmission Case to Radiator
216H7-82111 Hose, Transmission Case to Radiator
91H20-00910 Connecting Rod
22100-FU510 Distributor 
22401-FU412 Spark Plug
21200-50K00 Thermostat
21060-FU40A Fan Blade
13270-FY50A Valve Cover Gasket
25240-FJ10A Oil Pressure Switch


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